“Ooh child, things are gonna get easier”

It has been raining–hard–all day, with no end in sight.  Since my car is in the shop, I walked to campus in my favorite boots only to find out that they’re leaking.  Wonderful!  But believe it or not, I’m not ranting about any of this, merely mentioning these as a couple of blips on my radar because life is good.

Things started looking up when I learned from a friend on Twitter that Ally McBeal–the entire series–has finally been released on DVD.  This is the last of my three all-time favorite series to make it to DVD (the other two being Friends and Sex and the City), and I’ve been checking on its status about once a year with no luck.  So you can imagine the happy dance I did when I heard this news!

While moving expenses and not having another paycheck in sight won’t let me buy myself the DVD set just yet, I put on my Ally McBeal soundtrack CD and worked on packing my apartment amidst a Vonda Shepard dance party.  Then I remembered that I do have 6 whole episodes from the first season of Ally on a special compilation DVD my best friend gave me a few years ago.  I tried to pace myself and spread the six episodes across the weekend, and it was *just* what I needed!

It’s great to see that 10+ years later, these episodes resonate as strongly with me as they ever did, if not more so.  One of the episodes on my DVD is entitled “Theme of Life,” in which Ally first visits her psychiatrist (played by Tracy Ullman).  Dr. Tracy is a bit unorthodox, but her techniques are intriguing–I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a shrink like this!  Part of her treatment method involves having each patient choose a theme song to play in their head to boost confidence and ground themselves.

These theme songs evolve as the patient’s circumstances evolve, and choosing and changing theme songs seems like a nice way to deal with big, scary transitions in life.  I rather like the idea.  I’m working on a good theme song for this next big chapter in my life, but for now I’ll borrow one that Ally uses later in the series:  “Ooh Child” by The Stairsteps.  Given the last couple of weeks, I think it provides the positive outlook I need.

Now, knock on wood I think my streak of horrible, #FML-type luck may have been broken over the weekend.  After my mood-boosting Ally-filled weekend, I got a phone call from my mother who, in turn, had just gotten a phone call from Silicon City Towing who was calling her from MY PHONE which they’d found while cleaning the cab of one of their tow trucks!  I’d called the local AAA office and they were supposed to be looking into my lost phone, but a couple of days had gone by with no word and I’d all but kissed my poor little pink BlackJack II goodbye.  Unfortunately, this company’s office is pretty far away, and being at the mercy of public transit I was looking at a 1.5 hour trip each way, in the torrential downpour, at $5.00 in fares each way.  Boo!

Enter a good friend, who generously offered to drive me to pick up my phone.  As if this weren’t enough, she brought me a box of homemade chocolates to cheer me up after my awful luck last week!  My photo hardly does them justice, but you should check out her other beautiful and delicious creations over on her blog.

I asked Steph what the fillings were, and she told me, but to be honest my inner-monologue was stuck repeating “Chocolate! Chocolate! OMG Chocolate!” on loop too loudly for me to hear much of what she said. Something about marscapone and raspberry. YUM!


The weather may be turning cold, wet, and generally gross, my boots may leak, my car may be totalled, I may have an impossible move to complete in the next few weeks…


…but I have my phone, I have homemade chocolates, and I have a warm frothy latte from a great little coffee shop; let me repeat:

Life is good.



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3 responses to ““Ooh child, things are gonna get easier”

  1. I’ve never seen Ally McBeal, but I love that idea of a theme song! I’m definitely going to have to come up with my own and put the Ally McBeal DVDs on my Netflix queue (after LB, of course).

    hope you’re enjoying the chocs! They are rose marzipan and raspberry dark chocolate ganache. 🙂

  2. After reading this,the idea really make sense to everybody when you read it.The title “Theme of Life” was very nice to hear,it can bring me to my next big chapter in my life.

  3. Michele Ricart

    Hello, googling the “ooh child song” because that episode of Ally McBeal kind of spoke to me and I’m thinking of working that episode into something I’m writing and your blog came up. I enjoyed your blog 🙂

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