“Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song”

Some things change so quickly it’s hard to keep track.

That’s a statement that can be taken in a million directions, many deep and profound.  But what I’m thinking of today is popular music.

Multi-National Corps Iraq

Multi-National Corps Iraq

My best friend has been in Iraq with the U.S. Army J.A.G. Corps since March.  Living in the Internet age as we do, keeping in touch is much easier than it used to be.  We can email and occasionally chat (though the time difference makes this difficult), which is great!  It brings me back to the days when we would IM one another from our desks…which were in the same room in our college dorm!

We were chatting recently and I offered to send her my copy of The Time Traveler’s Wife which I’d read this summer.  I mentioned that I hadn’t yet seen the movie, and she was unaware that it had been made into a movie.  That’s when I realized how hard it must be to keep up with all the trivial entertainment news that bombards us everyday.  Movies, book, music, trashy gossip–it’s all pretty small beans compared to the work she and other members of the armed forces are doing day-to-day.

But that doesn’t mean those things don’t still matter!  Entertainment news–the latest releases, etc.–is the kind of fun release soldiers need to stay sane during long, tedious deployments.  That’s why I’ve decided to send a great care package to help my buddy catch up on some of the essential entertainment she’s missed out on.

This is where you can help out:  I’m going to send a CD full of mp3s of the latest music hits.  The music world moves fast, with new releases every week, so I can’t possibly send EVERYTHING she’s missed since March.  I need some help remembering what’s new and fun, and then selecting the best to send to my friend.  So leave a comment (or an @reply me on Twitter) with some of your favorite new music.  Her taste, like mine, is pretty eclectic; death metal and bluegrass are probably not high on her list of favorite genres, but almost anything else goes.  I have a feeling upbeat songs will be especially appreciated to breathe fresh energy into her workout playlist.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!  I’ll find some way to post the final playlist once I compile it.



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2 responses to ““Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song”

  1. oooo! that’s a great idea! there’s so much new music…

    okay, here’s my quicklist of current/recent stuff:
    owl city – “fireflies”
    alicia keys – “doesn’t mean anything”
    keri hilson – “knock you down”
    jay-z – “empire state of mind”
    black eyed peas – “i gotta feeling”
    mika – “we are golden”
    olivia broadfield – “don’t cry”
    cobra starship – “good girls go bad”

    this is fun. lemme know if you need more suggestions!

  2. vocalised

    I started trying to think of songs but then I realized I’m gonna need a similar music update before too long! I’m still really into Brad Paisley’s “Welcome to the Future,” but then again I’m kind of into everything he does, so maybe that doesn’t count. 🙂 Great idea though, have fun with it!

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