“My brain and tongue just met.”

I need to use my words.  They’ve been bouncing around inside my head for weeks, and I’m a little scared of the force with which they’ll escape when I finally unleash them.  So I’m letting them out like helium from a balloon:  slowly and noisily through a carefully pinched opening, lest I deflate too quickly and fly across the room.

With the moving mess over–the boxes received and unpacked, the change of address notifications completed, the goodbyes and reunions said and felt–I hoped to get back to my routine, and back to my writing, by now.  But alas, I’ve kept my blog at arm’s length until now.  I’ve composed so many “posts” in my mind, but never found the time or the will to sit and write.  I’ve blamed it on jet lag.  I’ve blamed it on the new job.  I’ve blamed it on the winter malaise that’s finally set in.  Whatever the case may be, I’m tired of making excuses–to everyone, but mainly to myself.  It’s time to use my words.

So here I sit, the dry winter air making my eyes sting and the warmth billowing from the fireplace beside me seducing my eyelids.  And yet, I stare through my bleary stinging eyes, forcing the lids back to attention, as I come back to this stark white screen…

…to write.  It’s good to see the words squeak out, one keystroke at a time.



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3 responses to ““My brain and tongue just met.”

  1. vocalised

    I know the feeling! This is an excellent start, though. Please write more! 🙂

  2. I also know this feeling, it has gotten so bad that I have begun to dream about blogging.

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