Who is Stacina?

She’s just this girl, ya know?


She’s just this girl you know.

I’m your typical 20-something who spends way too much time trapped in her own mind, doing herself in by over-analyzing every little thing.  I’m already a blogger–I’ve just been blogging in my head for years.  I suppose it’s time to share the thoughts bouncing around in my head.  There are musings, deliberations, arguments, half-baked theories, and daydreams flying around a mile a minute; if I don’t let them out someone’s liable to get hurt.  And did I mention questions?  Oh so many questions…not least of which is precisely “Who is Stacina?”  Hopefully the act of spilling my stories here will help me answer that question to greater satisfaction.



4 responses to “Who is Stacina?

  1. Lee Ann

    Your post, ‘I hear dead people’ (part 1), was beautiful. It reminded me of how much I miss my maternal Grandfather. Thanks for a sensitively written piece on the love that can exist if one is incredibly lucky. Will there be a ‘part 2’?

    • Thanks for the comment, Lee Ann!
      Yes, there will be (at least) a Part 2 to the “I hear dead people” post. It’s a story I need to get off my chest in addition to being a tribute to my grandfather. Part 1 was written over a couple of days through a lot of tears. I needed to switch gears and write about something a little less emotionally draining for a few posts before I can return to that subject, be return I shall. Stay tuned!

  2. kay

    Good afternoon, I am a producer for a national talk show. Your blog posts are fantastic. Can you please call me immediately? We would possibly like to invite you to our show this Thursday. Please call me at 212 275 8940.

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